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   The Doll and Toy Museum opened for the first time in 1989 on the island of Öland, and has through the years been found at a lot of different locations in the south of Sweden.


Since the 1st of July 2014 the museum is located in Bodafors, close to Nässjö.


In this old house from 1890 you can look at and remember your old dolls and toys from 1860 to 1990 along with a lot of vintage fashion.




                                       Eva Sundell



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At the Museum

   A collection that ranges from 1860s china dolls via Barbie to 1980s Star Wars figures.

As well as old dolls, there is a large gang of teddy bears and other stuffed toys such as Steiff, Hermann and Schuco. On the well-filled shelves, there are wooden horses, cars, trains, games, elastolin figures, children’s clothes and books, and many doll’s prams of different models jostle for space.


There are china and bisque dolls such as Simon & Halbig, Armand Marseille and different styles of the well-known “Turtle dolls” as well as dolls made from other materials, including celluloid, papier mâché, compositions, compounds, rubber and vinyl.


The Barbie section of the museum holds a large collection of Barbie dolls with lots of clothes and accessories, mostly from the 60s but also from the 70s and early 80s. There are also Ginger dolls from the 50s.



   Cafe inside or outside in the garden.


Old dolls, clothes, newspapers, crockery etc.

    Second-Hand Shop

   The second-hand shop sells old clothes, shoes and hats from the 50s, 60s and 70s as well as dresses and dinner jackets from the early 1900s, together with a large range of handbags, purses, china, costume jewellery and other items.

   We buy old clothes and toys.



    Vintage Mode, 1880 - 1980


under 12 years




13-18 years



From 18 years


Cash only

Group discount availabale  on request



2 adult +

2 children





Eva Sundell


Dock & Leksaksmuseum

Eksjövägen 36,

571 62 Bodafors,Sweden

0046 709462047






Open hours



MaY: Wednesday-Sunday 1pm - 5pm


June, July, August: Daily 1pm - 5pm


September: Wednesday-Sunday 1pm -5pm


Rest of the year:

By agreement

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